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Wokingham Positive Difference – WORKSHOP: Enhance Your Critical Thinking

Enhance Your Critical Thinking: Navigating the Truth in a Complex, Noisy and largely Digital World

Join us for an engaging, insightful and content-rich workshop, designed exclusively for Wokingham Positive Difference. In today’s information-overloaded landscape, the ability to think critically (analytically, not negatively) is more crucial than ever.

???? Are you aware of how easily perceptions can be swayed?

???? How can we filter out the noise and truly hear what matters? 

???? Can we overcome biases and harness the power of an open mindset?

In this interactive workshop, we will delve into the science of Critical Thinking. Discover the challenges posed by misinformation, the impact of our past experiences, and the art of maintaining focus in a digital age. Gain practical skills and a systematic approach to:

???? Selecting and utilizing high-quality information

????‍♀️ Evaluating data objectively and recognizing biases 

???? Making informed decisions that drive success

Led by an expert in critical thinking, this workshop will empower you with tools to sharpen your analytical abilities, cultivate a resilient mindset, and confidently tackle decision-making dilemmas. 

Whether you’re navigating business strategies, charitable initiatives, or personal challenges, mastering the nuances of critical thinking will propel you towards smarter, more effective outcomes.

Date:               Thursday September 28th 2023

Time:              0900-1200

Venue:            The Bradbury Centre, Rose Street, Wokingham RG40 1XS

Cost:               £40 per member. £60 for non-members

Booking:        Eventbrite – first come first served basis due to limited numbers

The event includes teas and coffees etc.

This opportunity is provided at a huge discount to the usual commercial rate – secure your place now so as not to be disappointed.